Life is full of incredible moments. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, family reunion or just a Thursday there's nothing more amazing than enjoying being alive and being with the ones you love. I think those moments are worth documenting and celebrating over and over again and I'd like to help you do that. I am Claire Ponsford of Ponsford & Worth Photography.  I prefer a candid, natural style and think the best photographs are the ones that capture the true unposed emotion of a moment.

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Child Photography


An in your home or on location session usually one to one and a half hours long.

A consultation beforehand regarding style and location.

A gallery of approximately 20 high resolution and professionally edited images licensed for unlimited personal use.

Child Photography Session $250

Birth Photography

There are so many reasons for you to have a birth photographer at your birth. Here's a good one: relieve your partner of the responsibility. Most people say their significant others will cover the main event but when push comes to shove (no pun intended), partners have enough to do without worrying about taking pictures. Primarily their job is to support you and they want to be present during the process not worrying about the camera. Childbirth is a huge experience, one of the biggest in your lifetime and to be able to document it and relive it afterwards through photographs is priceless.

Every inquiry begins with a get together over tea so we can answer all of your questions and get to know each other. Email or phone us and we can send you more information about pricing and packages. 

Oh P.S. Congratulations!!!

Birth Photography $1200